How to recover yahoo hacked account

Contactyahoohelpdesk teaches you how to recover Yahoo hacked email account. You can either use your phone number or your recovery email address to do so, and you can perform this process on both either on the desktop version of Yahoo and in the Yahoo mobile app

  Keeping your account secure is very important for us. If you think someone is trying to hack or resume your account, there are important steps you should take to protect your account. You should aware of the warning signs and know what to do if your account has been hacked. Everyone usually tries to check their emails every day and find out suddenly he/she cannot access their account that will be the most scariest time for that user because many of us used to upload our personal data on our yahoo email account

First step you should take is to connect with yahoo customer service representative because they are always available for your help they can easily solve your issues. They will take your computer access and they will be going to put their 100% percent to solve your problems.

Signs you should know about Yahoo mail hacked account?

•  You do not receive any email.

•  Your Yahoo mail sends spam to your contacts.

•  You’ll see connections from unexpected locations on your recent activity page.

•  Your yahoo account information or email settings has been changed without your knowledge

Here are some basic cause of blocked yahoo account 

Spam label given by any recipient.

So many times attempts incorrect password.

Sending lots of emails or exceeding the limit.

Unauthorized allowed entrance to third-party softwares.

Hacking tries on your email account.

Steps To Fix Yahoo Mail Hacked Account:

To interrupt your inbox or get copies of your emails, hackers will change the settings of your Yahoo mail account. Access the configuration of your email and make sure that none of the information or preferences have been changed without your knowledge. 

Change password to recover hacked Yahoo mail account

Sign in / login Your Yahoo mail Account.

Look at the Right side Click on profile name choose the Account Info.

In Your Yahoo mail Account Information section Click On Account Security tab.

Click On option change yahoo password. Enter the new password in the required field.

Press the Continue button to change the password.

Instant Recovery for Hacked or Blocked yahoo Account by official Yahoo Method.

If your account is blocked or hacked, you can regain your access after 12 hours. However, you can also try the following steps to get instant solutions.

1.         Visit yahoo help forum.

2.         Expand the ‘Account Locked’ message.

3.         Click on the ‘Sign-in Helper’ link.

4.        From the options list on that page provide the information and click “Continue”

5.         “Account Key” will be sent on your phone number or alternative email account (whatever you gave in step 4) later you click ‘Yes, send me an Account key’ button. Maybe Security questions also asked here.               

This official method is recommended by Yahoo is followed to recover the hacked Yahoo! account. But, this method will only work when you had set the restoration option at the time of Sign-up. Still, if you have added the recovery options u will have a chance to recover your account but if the hacker has changed your recovery information also then, you will not be able to reach your account. In this situation, you can report the issue to Yahoo through Yahoo Customer Service for quick support.

If you are facing any kind of problem while recovering yahoo forgot mail id password   you can simply visit our article related to the topic how to recover yahoo forgot mail id password, you can read our another blog in which you can learn how to create an email account on yahoo

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